JFK Pts 1 & 2… Essentially

Get your shit here, a small percentage goes to keeping us both able to buy stupid board games like this.

On this show Deano and Captain J talk about former president and famous nobbing machine J.F.K… essentially

Part 1. JFK… Essentially

Part 2. Back and to the Left… Essentially

In keeping with the slightly more professional approach, here’s the clips mentioned in the show as well as some neat little bonus videos

Dwight Eisenhower – farewell address, The military industrial complex

JFK – New Frontiers speech

JFK – Secret societies

Geraldo Rivera – Zapruder film

Bonus stuff
Lee Harvey Oswald radio interviews

the entire TV bulletin from the day


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The Show Must Be Go Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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About the Hosts


Deano Peppers
Editor, Producer & slow talky person. the one who makes things happen.
He draws stuff and pretends to be a nice guy. Currently he sits alone for hours, drinking, swearing and editing podcasts, If you want him to he will draw stuff for money. You can see his work on his website 8oClockComics.Com.
In a former life he was a professional wrestler and Mixed Martial Artist, this is evident in his broken arse walk, punch drunk slurring and…. long pauses…. between speaking.


He looks like a girl and laughs like a twat. he used to do a wrestle but gave it up to be a rock star. Now he enjoys drinking craft beers and making bread. His autobiography “Death Metal & Crusty Rolls” will be out in the summer of 2022 (probably)


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