After months of trying to get us onto iTunes I finally figured I’d give a new RSS feed a shot, that meant setting up a new account on soundcloud. With that I also thought it was time to clean up a few things. Here is the new soundcloud account, you should be able to locate the RSS feed or subscription button on it like usual (the old account will be diverting to this one so you hopefully wont miss out for a few months) BUT we may soon also be on iTunes so finding us will be even easier.

We’ve not really been to regular with putting out episodes lately so having 2 twitter accounts seems silly, and as Stupid People gets a bit more attention than the High Show (it’s a streaming only deal for a 2-3-4 hour show so I understand) so @Stupidpeoplepod took over @thehighshow  account and streamlined the list of people we followed from 2500 to 1050… not bad, I may have clipped a few people who follow us though so apologies, let us know and we’ll re add you.

I also gave us a new look.


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